Decluttering your physical space and mind can be life changing. The simple truth: An organized life is a happier life.

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Get Organized.
Live Mindfully.

Below is a sampling of the areas in which I specialize. Please contact me about any services you don’t see listed here.


• Closets

• Garage

• Kitchens

• Offices

• Pantries

• Playrooms

• and everything in between


• Spring Cleaning

• Back to School

• Bereavement

• Event Prep

• Moving Prep

• Nursery Set-up

• Post Holiday Sort & Store

• Virtual Assistance

• and more… just ask!


About Megan and her Method.


Memmott Method is founded on the belief that there is a deep connection between tidy organized surroundings and a balanced productive lifestyle. A former career as an executive assistant  plus a 200 hour yoga teacher training resulted in the idea to help others pair traditional organizing techniques with mindful living practices.

Decluttering your physical space and mind can be life changing. Let me help you clarify your priorities and determine your organizational goals. Together, we will develop customized and sustainable systems to help you accomplish these goals. With a focus on inspiring mindful living habits, the outcome of this process will be greater peace of mind and a more harmonious home life.

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Megan Memmott

Certified Professional Organizer, NAPO

+1 (323) 546-7117


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Happy Customers

Blake Mycoskie - Founder, TOMS Shoes

Megan helped me organize all aspects of my daily life, both personal and business. She truly became my partner in crime. Killer at calendaring, she helped me to make the most of every minute of the day and created systems in our office that assured every deadline and commitment was met. She was meticulous in her attention to detail, whether planning my travel, special events including our annual company wide ski trip or implementing holiday gifting for 500+ corporate contacts. Megan juggled an incredible amount of organizational tasks and never let anything slip through the cracks.  

Alicia E - Garage & Closets

Megan helped me break the inertia of what seemed to be an insurmountable clutter problem, and helped me set goals and prioritize areas to declutter within my home. After each session I felt a sense of accomplishment, and my house felt lighter. She is professional and conscientious of my personal attachments to my things, but makes me think hard about keeping an item that has no use or special meaning. She makes the process easy and efficient, so much better than trying to tackle it alone. Now when I feel an impulse buy coming on, my husband has me ask the question, "What would Megan do?" My favorite feature of her services is that at the end of the day, she takes the unwanted items away to donate, recycle, shred, or simply throw away.  

David C - Home Office

I love the Memmott Method! My brain is really scattered and my house has always been chaotic. Megan has provided a system for me that actually works! I can finally see the top of my desk in my home office. Not only do I have places to put everything, but it has also brought about a general calmness to my working environment because everything looks so pleasing. She even helped plan and pick out new office furniture, and when it arrived, she helped build it and also had someone to help move heavy items. For each project we’ve done, we've had in-depth conversations about how my space is used, and what I actually need. The process is really easy and so rewarding. Megan is extremely pleasant to work with - a great attitude, hard worker, and forward thinking. I can’t wait to work with her again on my kids' closets!!!

Bree G - Small Business Inventory & Excel Skills

Megan’s ability to organize the inventory in my business was invaluable. With my busy, chaotic life it was hard for me to look at this section of my business in an organized manner. She took the limited information I gave her and with the calm, confident and solvable way she looks at things she turned it into a working, understandable and efficient system in Excel. Then on top of that, her patience and ability to explain how to use, tweak and advance with it was priceless! I would LOVE to use her services to organize and neatly package other areas in my business and home life! She is AMAZING!!

Steve B - Moving Services

I’m not sure where to begin when discussing the benefits of working with Megan. From developing a plan on what to pack, what to donate, and what to trash, to arranging and coordinating multiple pick-ups of donated and trashed items (with charitable receipts) to physically helping to pack and load items, Megan made the move process infinitely easier and less stressful. I’ve spoken to many friends who have moved and they were extremely jealous of the services Megan provided because it saved us time, anxiety, and the stress of disorganization. There are so many moving parts to a relocation, and Megan’s services, in addition to being of the highest professional level, are well worth it. I was so impressed with Megan that I recommended her to my elderly father for his move because I knew he would be in the best of hands. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.